Erica Billings LPC Associate

Supervised by Diana Cabrera-Stewart, MEd. LPC-S

Child, Teen, Adult, and Family Therapist

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About Erica Billings


Therapy enables us to speak the unspeakable and harness the power to affect change.

Whether your unspeakable is rooted in shame, regret, grief, loss, trauma, or general dissatisfaction with life, counseling can offer you a new framework for seeing and understanding your emotional pain clearly. I want to build a strong alliance with you so that you can speak your unspeakables, finding clarity, hope, and freedom along the way.


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Erica's Focus

Birth and death are powerful portals into our souls, psyches, and humanity. I specialize in working with new parents and budding families from all backgrounds, including LGBTQIA+ couples and adoptive parents. I also work with those experiencing grief, bereavement, or loss of any kind, which can also apply to instances of regret and missed opportunities. Many of us are simply winging it through life’s major milestones, and it can be blindsiding to navigate big challenges without a map. Yet, these transitions—regardless of what they are—can be a remarkable window into enhancing our growth and harnessing our potential.

I recognize that many of us are born into less-than-ideal circumstances or have to contend with challenges that can be too much to bear—none of us gets through life unscathed. Grief and loss accompany many human experiences, including the death of a loved one, financial ruin, significant transitions, relationship obstacles, and faith-related struggles. It’s been said that “grief is the form love takes when someone dies,” but I find this to be true for every kind of loss. This realization has enabled me to view clients’ pain from an existential and spiritual perspective

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Erica's Other Specialities

My aim as a therapist is to help my clients grieve well, restoring hope, light, and even laughter into their lives. I do this by tailoring the counseling process to each of my client’s unique goals and strengths. Under my person-centered, eclectic approach, I am likely to incorporate existential therapy, psychodynamic methods involving self-examination, walk-and-talk therapy, and creative outlets to enhance emotional awareness. For new parents and families, in particular, I use approaches that are systems/family oriented and informed by elements of perinatal mental health.

What To Expect

When you and I are in session, I offer a strongly attuned awareness, which means I can read, see, and stay present with all of the emotions you bring—even amidst hard conversations. You will be at the center of my attention as I carve out meaningful mental and emotional space for you throughout our time together. By paying attention to details and observing patterns, we can collaborate on seeing the bigger picture of your pain and solutions for your healing.

In therapy with me, all thoughts, feelings, and emotions are welcome. We will walk inside those experiences together so you can better understand and own them.

More About Erica

Outside of work, spending time with my family is of the utmost importance. My partner and I have been married since 2005, and we treasure parenting our two young sons as we continue to create new rituals and traditions together. When at home, I love cooking and listening to music, often singing loudly to 90s pop (I’ve secretly fantasized about what it would be like to be a rock star or comedian)!

But more than anything, I love to be in nature. My surroundings are vital to the way I live my life, and I enjoy being outside, whether I’m in the garden or exploring ancient trees with my sons. My dream is to live in the forest, but I look forward to serving the Houston community until that dream comes true.

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History And Qualifications

Though I graduated with a Master’s in Counseling in 2007, I didn’t get licensed right away. Instead, I worked in HR for nearly a decade before switching gears to stay at home with my children full-time. Throughout this period, my own therapist encouraged me to return to my roots and begin a second career, so I decided to complete my licensure.

The work I did with my counselor unequivocally changed my life for the better, and through the therapeutic process, I discovered a deep and wide reservoir for connecting with people from all walks of life. I am a therapist because learning the stories of others, and I value the opportunity to hold space for each of my clients.

After receiving a Bachelor’s in Psychology at The University of Houston in 2003, she completed her Master’s in Counseling at Houston Baptist University in 2007. In addition to being a member of the Houston Group Psychotherapy Society, Erica has intensive training in perinatal loss and grief as well as perinatal mood and anxiety disorders through the Seleni Institute.

Graduate Degree: Master’s in Counseling at Houston Baptist University

Counselor Affiliations: Houston Group Psychotherapy Society

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor’s in Psychology at The University of Houston

What Clients Are Saying

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