Jessica Ingram LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor #82702

EMDR and Parenting Specialist

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About Jessica Ingram


Hey way to go! You have put yourself first and looked into counseling, that’s a big step! Now let’s get you the support you want, need and deserve. Remember we all go through many ups and downs in life and we all need support. Sometimes we may need a little extra support or even guidance and access to resources we aren’t aware of, and that’s exactly what I am here for.

My Approach

I meet you where you are. I understand everyone comes from different backgrounds, upbringings and views. I am a very open-minded and companionate counselor. I am here for those who need and want to seek help. No single approach works for everyone so I want to learn about you. Together we will find the best way to find the part of you that feels confident, healed and complete.


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Jessica's Focus

EMDR Trained Therapist

I am trained in EMDR. I find using EMDR to address trauma, anxiety, and confidence to be extremely effective. When we experience trauma, it can take us along time to wrap our heads around what happened. When we experience trauma it can affect us in many ways, including the way our brains absorb, label, and file the information. When we experience trauma, our brains get stuck. EMDR helps us process the information, so we can more accurately label and file the experience in an effective manner so the trauma no longer controls us.

LGBTQ+ friendly and an Ally

Finding your true self can be a hard and bumpy road, but you do not have to do it alone. I am here to help you find and be confident in your true authentic self. From questioning one’s gender or sexuality, to working on relationships with friends and family, as well as navigating through teenage years to adulthood while feeling proud of who you are.

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Jessica's Other Specialities

Parenting Specialist

I understand parenting can be difficult. I also know you are a good parent and your child knows they are loved. Sometimes we just need a little help communicating and connecting even with our own child. Working with parents and families to bring the joy of connection back into their family dynamic brings me purpose and energy. Helping children with behavioral issues and emotional regulation can be as stressful for the parent as it is for the child. I have worked with many children dealing with these issues. I have found that building a positive dynamic between child, parent and counselor helps everyone. We build a place where each person feels heard and understood.

Life Transitions

Transitions can be difficult, especially when they are not planned or wanted. It takes time to adjust and that is okay! From precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action or maintenance we can work together and find what works best for you to be able to manage what life brings while also allowing you to succeed in your goals.

More about Me

In addition to the specialties listed above, I also work with child/play therapy, teen issues, relationship issues, family transitions, grief and loss, anxiety and depression, and retirement.

More About Jessica

I enjoy working out and playing beach volleyball. I love live music, social events, and traveling.

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History And Qualifications

Jessica is a Licensed Professional Counselor License # 82702. Jessica received her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from UTSA in 2019 and has worked in a private practice setting since graduation.

Graduate Degree: UTSA - MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Counselor Affiliations: 

Undergraduate Degree: BA in Psychology and Criminal Justice from St. Thomas University in Miami

What Clients Are Saying

I Have Been A Client For Years Now

I am very appreciative of the professionalism and experience that the practice brings for me. I have been a client for years now and have benefited greatly from the services that have been provided.


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