Marcie Dinkin LCSW-S

Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Supervisor - LCSW-S #54387 in Texas
TF-CBT, DBT, and TGCTA Trained and Certified

Young Adult, Teen, Parent, and Family Therapist

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About Marcie Dinkin


There are moments in life when we feel emotionally exhausted, drained, overwhelmed, hopeless, frozen and stuck.  It is important to remember that those are moments and feelings, that are changing and evolving.

What would it be like to feel a sense of confidence and ease when certain feelings or situations arise?  I can help you use your strengths, navigate your feelings and build a life worth living that you want and desire.


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Marcie's Focus

Therapy for teens

Adolescence is such an exciting, scary, challenging and fun stage of life.  From navigating school stress, pressure to be perfect, peer relationships, social anxiety,  depression and loneliness, feeling misunderstood to finding one’s voice and values, I can help you.  I have a passion of working with teens for over 10 years developing and finding their sense of self, figuring out feelings, who they are and who they strive to be.

I want to help you feel comfortable and confident, learn to understand yourself and regulate your emotions.

I have worked with teens for in both residential treatment programs for substance abuse and mental health, as well as Intensive Outpatient Treatment and Outpatient Therapy.  I have a passion and joy for helping teens navigate this time of their life and prepare the transition into young adulthood.

Young Adult/Emerging into Adulthood

Entering college, graduating from college and entering the “real world” provide its own set of challenges and opportunities for learning and growth.   Maybe this is your first time away from home?  Or first time having a job?  Or even the first time with entering a transition in your life.  I want to help you and can help you.

It can be our struggles of feeling perfect, feeling lost and just unsure about what to do, navigating family dynamics, trauma, stress, addiction relationships with self and others, depression and anxiety.  These feelings and situations are real and normal and I want to help you to unpack them and make sense of them.  It’s about learning our patterns, having compassion for ourselves and understanding that we can work on putting together the pieces of your puzzle and life.

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Marcie's Other Specialities

Parent Coaching

Ever felt too into something to be able to think differently and feel differently about a situation?  Feeling lost, unsure and having a hard time knowing what to do?  Or self-critical and feeling inadequate and insecure or ineffective as a parent?!  We have also experienced those thoughts and feelings and I want to help you navigate them.

Parent coaching provides you with the tools to have more open communication, learning how to feel more confident and connected, all while strengthening the foundation that is there.  I love working with parents in helping them to make small changes at home, with communication, reinforcement and love.  You already have the tools and I want to help you to use them.

Family Therapy

Everyone in every family plays a role and has a part.  Each member is important and wants to feel heard and understood.  I love working with families from a systems approach, to help untangle the past and build more open and effective communication for the future.

Maybe it’s trauma, addiction, divorce or separation, teen angst or transitions in young adulthood and navigating this new relationship, I want to help you and your family in this process to learn and understand more about each other.  Family work is important and I always feel honored to be let into a family and help them heal and grow.

More About Marcie

Outside of the office, you can catch me watching BRAVO, working out, watching sports, and hanging with friends and family. I love the Houston Rodeo and have recently started learning how to cook.

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History And Qualifications

My approach

I believe that without a relationship with a client, it is hard to do this work.  A relationship takes time to nurture and develop, which is why I am therapist who first focuses on building rapport from a humanistic approach.  I show up to therapy sessions as my geniune authentic self, as a supportive, caring, challenging and nonjudgmental therapist.  I understand that doing this work is a process and I am here with you for the journey, wherever that takes us.

When working with clients on this journey, I like to use a couple of different approaches.  I really enjoy mentalizing and empathy (understanding feelings and feelings of others), mindfulness (bringing our mind to the present moment without judging) dialectical behavior therapy (skills to regulate emotions and learning more to communicate with others), psychodynamic (unpacking unconscious thoughts and feelings from childhood) cognitive behavioral therapy ( looking at negative thoughts and images to change behavior) and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a specific trauma protocol for teens who have experienced trauma and have PTSD.

So why come my way?

I want to be your teammate, your cheerleader and your advocate on this journey.  Taking the first step to even thinking about change is scary and overwhelming-trust me, I get it and I have been there.  My approach is person centered and humanistic, as we are in this together.  You are not alone and I am with you and I want to help you!  So let’s get going!

Graduate Degree: Masters in Social Work, University of Houston

Counselor Affiliations: 

Undergraduate Degree: BA in Social Work with a Minor in Spanish, Indiana University

What Clients Are Saying

Positive Impact

We would not be where we are today without your help, Marcie. Our sessions with you had an immeasurable value; your advice truly resonated and sunk in, and we will be forever grateful. Your input had a real positive impact on our family.


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