Counselor & LGBTQ+ Therapist

Andrew Tessmer, LGBTQ TherapistDo you feel the stress of everything is too much? Are you unhappy about where you are in life and fear others won’t accept you for who you are? Do you feel as though you cannot be the person you truly are or have to hide facets of yourself? Are the daily pressures of life sometimes too much to handle? Do you struggle to readjust when things do not go the way originally planned? Do you feel stuck and want to change, but do not know how to move forward?

If so, you may find it helpful to connect with someone who has been through these feelings and understands the challenge in managing feelings of anxiety, stress, isolation, insecurity, and even depression. I understand the struggles with exploring your identity and finding the confidence to love and value your unique self. As an LGBTQ+ therapist I can also help with navigating the coming out process with friends, family, and colleagues.

Even if you see obstacles in your path you feel like you cannot overcome, you have unique strengths that can help you overcome these. I can help you identify these strengths within yourself, and collaboratively, we can create a plan to help you realize your full potential.

I help people learn to feel comfortable in their own skin and cope with perfectionism, fear of failure, constant worry, lack of motivation, sexuality, gender identity, eating disorders, and loneliness. I can help you build confidence and learn how to relate effectively with others. Through therapy, we can begin to work through negative feelings and thoughts, exploring what internal and external factors are holding you back from your happiness and wellbeing.

Therapy Specializations

I specialize in working with LGBTQ+ concerns, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, perfectionism, social skills, procrastination/motivation, career counseling, and adult ADD/ADHD. My approach focuses on exploring what makes each individual thrive, providing empathy and understanding, free from judgment and societal expectations. By truly understanding who you are and how you want to grow, I will create a warm, collaborate environment in which you can heal and flourish as we progress through your concerns.

I believe you have the power inside you to overcome your obstacles. Even if there are things you can’t control, you have the inner strength to persevere through life’s challenges. A skilled therapist can help you access these resources and find the strength to fulfill your goals and achieve a more.

Andrew Tessmer is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in the State of Texas (#77644) with a Master’s in Counseling from the University of Houston and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Texas A&M University. He currently serves as an Assistant Director of Career Development at Rice University for over 3 years, providing career counseling and developing professional development programming for undergraduates, graduates, post-docs, and alumni. Andrew has previously worked as a career counselor at the University of Houston for 2 years. He is a member of the Texas Counseling Association (TCA), with divisional membership in the Texas Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Counseling (TALGBTIC). He is under the supervision of Becky Reiter, LPC-S (#66507).

with Houston therapist, Andrew Tessmer.