marcie dinkin Young Adult, Teen, and Family Therapist

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


My passion lies in working with young adults, teens, and families.

If this is you, and you are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, family conflict, self-harm, unhealthy relationship patterns, parenting, or adoption issues, I’d like to help.

Our first meeting

To start, I’ll meet with you, describe what therapy entails, and perform a detailed assessment, encouraging you to let me know about you, your family, your challenges and strengths, and your values and beliefs, so I can see you as a whole, developing person/family.

We’ll then discuss a plan of treatment, starting with the most challenging issues you’re facing.


Trauma changes things.

If you have experienced physical, sexual or emotional trauma, it may be impacting your sleep, ability to concentrate, sense of safety, health, concentration, job, relationships, and ability to trust others and your environment.

Know this–you are not alone. And, I can help.

I am trained in Cognitive Focused Trauma Behavioral Therapy, with proven techniques to help you heal.


I work with parents and teens, together or separately, to assess the major issues. and roadblocks are, address any hurts and misunderstandings, and work towards better communication, finding common ground, and family unity.

Teenage years are challenging. There are pressures to succeed and temptations to rebel.

If your teen has begun cutting classes, lying, using alcohol or drugs, acting out, self-harming, or is highly anxious, depressed, or withdrawn, bring them to therapy.

I have a passion and over a decade of experience helping teens become their best selves.

I focus on creating trust and addressing the most pressing issues first, to help them stabilize. I also treat addiction in teens and am happy to help yours with this, too.


Parenting brings both joys and difficult challenges.

If you are in the process of adopting, fostering, or are currently parenting (or step-parenting), you may have your hands full, with little time for yourselves (and as a couple).

Parenting is time-consuming and is especially difficult if you have different ways of parenting and old differing values and beliefs about it. This can confuse your kids and drive you further apart.

So, let me help! This is fixable.

To recap, I specialize in behavioral issues, individual, family issues and parenting issues, with a focus on depression, addiction, anxiety, trauma, oppositional behaviors, family relationships, social isolation and peer/ interpersonal relationships.

I’m very passionate about working with teens and families, and finding the relationship and connection needed to build life-lasting changes, while providing hope as we work together to create success.

Therapy and how it works

It takes courage, willingness, and honesty to openly approach the need for therapy.

Taking the first step to thinking about therapy can be overwhelming, uncomfortable, and scary. I understand that! Let me help take the fear and stigma away and help you to experience therapy as a process and a journey.

Although we want our problems solved and our pain to be healed right away, it may take some time. To use a sports metaphor, think of it as going the distance, not a brief sprint.

So, it will take commitment, and there may be some setbacks and roadblocks along the way.

But, with me “on your team”, so you’re not going through this alone, it can be very rewarding and provide a sense of accomplishment once we’re done!

I’ll help listen and guide you towards the goals you want to establish and reach, in a curious, and non-judgmental way.

When starting therapy, we will work together to build a strong foundation and rapport and, especially if you are dealing with trauma or deeper, painful issues, we will take things at your pace.

Together, we will help you identify your strengths and talents, working to make you feel comfortable and at ease with who you are as a person in all facets of your life.

About Me

I grew up in the Midwest, but have been a southerner for the past 12 years. I enjoy playing fantasy football and never miss the rodeo when it comes to town. (I don’t miss their cold winters!)

I’ve had the privilege of counseling kids who were adopted, many with attachment and behavioral issues. I’m trained in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (CFCBT), trauma and grief component therapy for adolescents (TGCTA), dialectical behavioral (DBT), and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). I use Family Systems tools (and others) to help individuals and families heal.

I’d be honored to work with you (or your teen or young adult) individually, or as a family, to help you heal, and provide you with the tools to move forward and lead your best life.

What Clients Are Saying: 

Everything is going great. She (my daughter) really likes her.

Marcie is the only therapist I’ve ever had that truly pushes me and expects the best for me. She is someone I truly value. Would recommend her over and over again.

The space that he (my son) is having with Marcie seems to be really helpful for him. 

with Houston Therapist, Marcie Dinkin, LCSW

Marcie is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Texas, license #54387.