Shannon play and child therapist

Houston Child, Preteen, Teen Therapist, and Parenting Educator

Parents of young children (0-6)

Does your little one tantrum, have frequent meltdowns, wet the bed, lash out, bite, hit, scream or hurt others? Is getting through the day or night without any emotional or behavioral issues a dream?

Do you have one child that goes with the flow and another that is very challenging? Do you feel guilty that you wish they were both “easy” kids, and that you privately wish for more time with the “easy” one? Are you confused by all the different advice and tips you’re getting from others and just want a peaceful home, with happy, thriving children? If so, I’d like to help you and your children, no matter their ages. I specialize in child development, play therapy, parenting, and family issues.

Parents of pre-teen/tween or teenagers (7-18)

Does your tween or teen need help to improve their self-esteem, social skills, confidence, or the ability to make and keep friends? Do they hang out with sketchy or high-risk friends? Are you worried that they may or have gone down the wrong path? Are anger, talking back and oppositional behavior starting? Have they engaged in self-harm or threatened (or attempted) suicide and need help with emotional stabilization? Again, I believe I can help.

Mental and behavioral issues often improve with the help of a trained child specialist, which I am. Although most therapists have one or a few courses in child development, assessment and intervention, my training and experience go way beyond that. Again, I am a child therapy specialist.

If you can relate to any of the above, let’s talk.

Being a parent can be challenging, and being a kid can be hard, especially if they have their own style, are more shy or introverted, are gifted, are learning or developmentally delayed, or super talkative or quiet. Children of any age who are going through or have survived abuse or neglect may have trust issues or can act out at school, home, or anywhere.


After a thorough assessment, I use play therapy for younger children to help connect with them, earn their trust, hear their stories, and allow for them to express what they may not be able to verbalize. This process helps free the traumas/hurts, and the meanings they have attributed to them (ie My Mommy and Daddy broke up because of me.) and leads them on the road to healing and making secure attachments.

Your older children can benefit from talk therapies. But, if they have early wounds, separations or traumas, play therapy can help them, as well.

Teens have their own language, experiences, and outlook on life. I don’t talk down, lecture or infantilize them, and don’t try to become a second mom or friend. My job is to help them to identify their hurts, wounds or frustrations, through their eyes, hear their stories, and help them heal. I help empower them to make choices that reflect their values and that make them proud. I also help them learn how to navigate difficult social situations (and social media) so they can feel safe and act safely, which will help boost their confidence and shift from helplessness to assuredness.

You may be concerned that your child or teen won’t want to come, talk or engage in therapy. And, they might not want to. But you and I can talk about your child or teen, the challenges they are or have faced, and will try to come up with a plan. Oftentimes when parents make a shift, their children follow suit.

So…why choose me?

As I mentioned earlier, I specialize in counseling children and teens, helping them heal and become their best selves. But I also include parents with parenting education, some individual and family sessions with myself or a colleague, etc., so the family system can change and heal.

Reach out!

I understand how difficult it can be to reach out for help, especially if you are worried about therapy itself, what the process is like, if your children will be angry at you for bringing them, or worse if you worry that your parenting will be negatively judged!

That’s not my role! I work with children and parents because I truly believe healing and reconnection can bring you all closer and happier. I’ve seen this many times in practice.


I am available for free consultations for any concerns you might have about the process or my specialties. Give us a call at 832-559-2622. There’s no pressure to start therapy. But I can let you know what it’s about and how I can help. I look forward to hearing from you!

Shannon has received training from Accessing the Digital Child, a teletherapy training program that equips therapists with age-appropriate mindfulness tools and emotional regulation techniques to engage children ages 3-12 on screen.

with Houston therapist, Shannon Guinther.